What users are saying…

Very impressive this tool is just what I was looking for in fact I wrote this review using dictate itself :-D”

Mathew 4/21/2013

Very responsive support. Adding more languages, including Italian, French, German, and Russian!”

Teddy 6/18/2013

Very accurate. All the features you need"

Julie 3/27/2013

Features in current version...

  • Auto-sync all files to SkyDrive
  • Share document with other people that use Dictate!
  • Organize your documents in folders
  • Quick launch icon allows you to launch the app and start dictating immediately
  • New languages have been added and we will be adding more all the time!
  • Create folder by dictating the folder name
  • Move notes from folders
  • Toggle languages from the editing screen & from settings screen
  • Folder tile displays count of total note
  • 20 free recordings in trial mode
  • Create notes or documents by simply talking into your phone
  • Excellent quality voice recognition
  • Rich editing features, including highlighting text and speaking to overwrite it