The All-In-One Dictation Tool

With Dictate! you never need to type a text message, an email, a Facebook post, a Word document, or anything else, again! This app allows you to create or edit even very long notes by simply talking into your phone.

The All-In-One Dictation Tool for your phone

The quality of voice recognition in Dictate! is excellent and currently supports English, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. Soon, the app will also support voice recognition for French, German, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, and Korean and will be fully localized to these languages, so users can use Dictate! in their native language.


The transcribed text can be used in many ways, including posting to Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks; sending text messages and emails; exporting to SkyDrive in Word format; pinning a note to your start screen (WP); copying the text to your clipboard; or storing documents in folders within the app, using the app as a note-taking tool.

Features of Dictate

  • (New) Toggle end of sentence options
  • (New) Notes don't need to have a title anymore
  • (New) Improved voice recognition
  • Auto-sync all files to SkyDrive
  • Share document with other people that use Dictate!
  • Organize your documents in folders
  • Quick launch icon allows you to launch the app and start dictating immediately
  • New languages have been added and we will be adding more all the time!
  • Create folder by dictating the folder name
  • Toggle languages from the editing screen & from settings screen
  • Folder tile displays count of total note
  • Renaming & deleting folders
  • 20 free recordings in trial mode
  • Create notes or documents by simply talking into your phone
  • Excellent quality voice recognition
  • Rich editing features, including highlighting text and speaking to overwrite it
  • Easy cursor placement
  • Notes have a subject and a body and no length limit
  • Tap on the screen and type (with spell checking), if required
  • Tap "listen" for the app to read the entire note back to you
  • Or highlight just a part of the note and tap "listen"
  • Copy all or part of note to clipboard
  • Save draft of note
  • View all notes on the main screen
  • Text notes
  • Email notes
  • Post the note to social networks, such as Facebook
  • Export the note to SkyDrive
  • Pin the note to your start screen (WP only)
  • Apply a password to notes
  • Change colors of the note tiles
  • Setting to auto-detect end of recording
  • Or choose to tap "stop"
  • Change font size